• Who Am I?
  • Why I'm Doing T​​​​his
  • Why get involved?

Why am I putting up a website and Blog called “Endtime Chaos”?

Well, it’s one or more of several reasons:

  • Our world is, and is rapidly becoming more of a rotting, flaming mess, and masses of people are becoming scared/nervous/terrified or discombobulated.
  • God’s people are not very aware of what is going on, or they’re too stressed and/or caught up with all kinds of other “stuff”, like living life.
  • There is a tremendous need within the body of Christ for knowledge, understanding and unity.
  • The church, by and large, is fairly clueless and is not functioning according to God’s design and purposes. We are frankly not the salt and light God has called us to be.
  • People are departing from the church in record numbers.
  • I’m crazy.
  • All of the above.

So… I personally choose “all of the above”. What about you?

My desired purpose with this site is to offer useful, helpful content to help increase awareness, as well as the desire to see positive change, which can truly come only when God’s people are living and walking as He intends. Some of the content will be my own, and some will be from other sources.

I also want to establish a community, if that’s possible, where believers of all walks of life, wherever they may live, can connect, interact and maybe even love and help each other.

I’m also thinking about the possibility of having this site eventually help and support believers around the world who are actively engaged in serving the Lord, Jesus Christ. There are people doing this… they are just relatively few.

My hope is that many will catch a common vision and will want to get involved. Please see the “Why Get Involved?” section.