Our world is witnessing rampant corruption and terrorism. Economic and social upheaval are increasing. Anger, bitterness and animosity between many different groups and classes of people are getting out of hand. Religious hatred and persecution are quickly on the rise, especially toward Christians and Jews, and people are departing from the organized churches in record numbers. 

Our society and world seem to be unraveling.

Making things even worse, the Church... the body of Christ... has never been further from God's purposes and calling... regardless of what the "health, wealth and prosperity" people, or the New Apostolic Reformation crowd may think or tell you.

Yes, that comes across as arrogant, but Jesus and the apostles say it's so, and it's the simple truth.

Are you aware that the Pope of Rome is actively working toward bringing all the world's "religions" together? Or that major segments of the Protestant church are starting to align with him? Or that the fastest growing segment of the church is the one that believes and teaches that the body of Christ is called to take over and gain dominion of this world?

These statements are all true... and scary!

Another shocking reality and truth is this:

All the chaos and upheaval is ultimately targeted at genuine believers and followers of the Lord, Jesus Christ, and it is designed to cause the true believers to depart from "the faith", or at least to compromise with the system that's being established. 

We are called to express and show forth the very life, nature and ways of Jesus Christ. The early Church did just that, and turned their world upside down. Bodies in different parts of the world today are living this out, but this kind of life is far from the norm in our world today.

It's time for Christians to quit our lukewarm, watered down "Christianity", as well as our bickering, debating and arguing, and come together in the Lord. We claim to love Him and desire to walk with Him in His truth. It's time to back that up with action.

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I pray the Lord would work in and through this site and the community to bring honor and glory to His name.

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